A FEW WORDS About us

My name is Marta.

I am a mother of two who was looking for her place in business.

I knew that I loved fashion, working with people.

And thanks to courage and persistence – the bellera brand was created and still operates.

I have been fulfilling my dream together with you for six years.

About doing – what I love!



I often start a project with a brace. 

It gives me the inspiration to choose and create a skin that will complement it.

I love the step of combining embossing on leather with metal ornaments.

In these two matters, I trust suppliers from Poland and Italy.

The collection includes both very simple and elegant models, 

as well as those slightly more bold – in retro and western style.

Many of our buckles are over 15 years old, 

which gives them character and uniqueness.


How do we work?

We create each bellera product with our own hands.

It’s one hundred percent handmade.

Precision, detail and simple form.

The brand is created in Poland by master leather workers and tailors.

We don’t throw away!

The leather that remains after cutting out belts and bags

it is reused for wonderful accessories.


bellera. these are also clothes created with love.

Here you will find incredibly refined cuts and natural fabrics.

All production takes place in Poland.

Thanks to this, we have supervision over each piece.

You should feel good and comfortable in our things.

You can wear dresses with belts and shirts with jewelry.

We strive to ensure that your entire look has the by bellera label.


See how we work and explore the world

and create something beautiful with us.


instagram - @bellera.brand

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